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Premiere safety Program

Safe & Loved is the only school safety program that builds on the inherent strengths of your teachers! Implement Safe & Loved and your school will be safer, your culture better, and your students, teachers, and parents will thank you for it!

Seminars & Trainings
1 & 2 Day Events

Attend or host one of our seminars or trainings and get the skills, materials, and confidence to prevent violence, save lives, and be an effective leader! We're consistently evaluated as one of the "Best trainings" from SRO's, principals, counselors, social workers, and other key leaders!

District & Teacher Professional Developments
unlike any other

Imagine that your teachers receive a school safety PD and instead of leaving sad, scared, and anxious, they love it so much that they give a standing ovation. Don is the only violence prevention expert to receive standing ovations from teachers! We can do the same for your teachers!

Professional Coaching

Join our leadership coaching program and let Don personally help you to enhance your credibility and maximize your time and effort. Don will help you to lead staff developments, implement new initiatives, problem-solve safety concerns, and enhance your greatest asset--your people!

Vulnerability Assessments
Individualized safety plan

With the right provider, a school vulnerability assessment is something positive. Unlike anyone else, we don't simply look for what's wrong, but showcase what you're doing right as well as provide an individualized plan for your school that shows you exactly how to make your school day safer and happier!

Student Safety Assessments
one-on-one help!

Nothing is scarier or more important than getting it right after a student has made a threat to attack your school. Don provides offsite as well as onsite support to help you through these critical situations.

District Safety Coordinator
unlimited access

Want someone to guide and prepare your district, but don't want to create a new position? Get unlimited access to Don as well as all of his materials, experience, and support without the heartache of hiring a new person!

Keynote Speaker
conference speaker

Great beginnings lead to great endings! Let Don give your conference a great start. Don is available to inspire and motivate your participants as your keynote speaker!

Expert Witness
win your case

Winning public support is crucial in preventing violence. Don is available to testify in court as well as share with school personnel, PTA members, Union Reps, and other school community members a more positive and beneficial perspective of school safety!

Attend or Host an Event!

Standing Ovations from Teachers!

Don Shomette is the ONLY violence prevention expert that gets standing ovations from teachers...after 3 hour safety talks!

“In my 22 years as a teacher I've never seen a guest speaker get a standing ovation!”

Teacher, CT

Call 540-577-7200 or email info@donshomette.com to schedule a teacher presentation!

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