What’s the secret?

Six hundred teachers listen to a safety presentation for three hours and when it’s over they jump to their feet and give a standing ovation. Do you believe it?

You’re probably thinking…a standing ovation for a talk about school safety—impossible—no way, never! As difficult as it is to believe, it happens.

Don Shomette has received multiple standing ovations from teachers. His secret is that he has transformed school safety from something that is cold, uninspiring, and out of step with the goals of education and into something that is motivating, inspirational, and completely relevant to teachers and schools.

This transformation or concept is called SAFE & LOVED and it’s a completely new, holistic, and positive way of looking at school safety. What makes teachers so excited that they are willing to stand and applaud is that they finally have a mechanism to make their school safe that is love-based and therefore in total harmony with the goals of education. It does not violate the true purpose of their profession or diminish their passion for being a teacher, but just the opposite. It gives them everything they want—to be safe without sacrificing what made them become teachers in the first place. For the first time they have the skills, abilities, and methods to make their school safe and their students feel loved!

Safe & Loved is exactly what teachers want, students deserve, and parents have been begging for. If you would like more information or to schedule a Safe & Loved Staff development, district training, host a professional development, need a keynote speaker, or if you just have a question or comment please email, call, or text.


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