New. Exciting. Better. Safer. Holistic. Enhanced. Revolutionized.

Assess & Progress gives you the skills to quickly and accurately assess if a student truly poses a danger and the abilities and materials to progress them to a safer place.
We’ve revolutionized school threat assessments.

Unlike current school threat assessment procedures, Assess & Progress is growth based and treats students holistically so it continues to be invaluable long after a risk level is determined.

Assess & Progress is the only program that provides students, parents, and schools with positive techniques, methods, materials, and plans until the student is no longer a threat.

With Assess & Progress your safety is better, your results more positive and lasting, and your efforts more sustainable and rewarding.


2 Days (16 hours)

Credit Hours

14 Credit Hours

who should attend
Social Workers
Deans of Students
"You had me captivated the entire time! Thank you for making a difference about a truly vital and important issue in our culture today!"

School Psychologist, NY

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What's Wrong with School Threat Assessments
and how does Assess & Progress fix it

Current School Threat Assessments.

  • Limited to only school safety and immediate threats of violence
  • Punishment focused & behavioral based
  • No value to the's something done to them and not with them
  • Prioritizes finding problems over solutions
  • Extremely confusing for parents which only raises anxiety making it impossible for parents to help
  • Creates division by pitting schools against students and parents against schools damaging or destroying relationships
  • Inflexible, stops after the threat level is determined leaving everyone wondering what to do next
  • Conditions schools to see every behavior as a threat
  • Stigmatizes everyone...because schools are not made for this approach

School Threat Assessments Revolutionized.

  • Unlimited growth in safety, emotional health, school culture...everything
  • Growth focused & therefore love based 
  • Invaluable to the student who participates fully and learns lifelong growth skills
  • Prioritizes finding solutions through growth
  • The Parent's Guide & Worksheets reduce confusion and anxiety making it simple for parents to play a greater role
  • Saves relationships by bringing families and schools together in the pursuit of positive and mutually beneficial goals of growth
  • Completely flexible, continues to provide rapid & consistent updates & guidance until the student is no longer a threat
  • Conditions schools to think holistically about students & behaviors
  • Stigmatizes no one...because this is exactly what schools do best -- help students grow

What's the Secret to Assess & Progress?

After 30 years of witnessing extreme violence, frustration, failure, happiness, joy, forgiveness, redemption, and success in the lives of young people...we've learned that every student is in 1 of 4 CATEGORIES OF LIFE and that their happiness, success, failure, or willingness to hurt themselves and others is directly linked to their present category.

Strong students don't use violence and unsafe students don't have to stay that way!
We'll show you how to figure out (assess) if a student is in the UNSAFE category and we'll give you the skills and materials to help them grow (progress) to a higher and safer category.

What assess & progress means to you

We know first hand that threat assessments can have an adverse effect on the person completing them. That's because the majority of the people doing them are not law enforcement and the current model can be intensely cold, hard, negative, and scary.

It's one of the reasons we created Assess & Progress--to shield and protect those doing threat assessments by changing the structure, purpose, and scope of threat assessments.

Assess & Progress is Growth Based so it keeps your focus positive, your thoughts proactive, your actions truly helpful, your fear reduced, and therefore your quality of life higher.

Assess & Progress is the only threat assessment model with built in mechanisms to protect you...

Why attend

Assess & Progress

Through classroom instruction, discussion, and practical application, participants will learn or receive the following:
  • Tools to rapidly identify students as UNSAFE, STRUGGLING, SATISFACTORY, and STRONG
  • Confidently make an Assess & Progress 'snapshot' assessment and implement other immediate life saving actions
  • Utilizing The Path to Violence model to determine how close a student is to using violence
  • Develop in students the capability to evaluate their current placement in the 4 Categories of Life by utilizing Assess & Progress Student Worksheets
  • Growth plans, methods, and techniques to help UNSAFE students progress to a higher category in the 4 Categories of Life
  • Assist parents in understanding and utilizing the Parent Guide and Assess & Progress Growth worksheets for their children
  • Prevent stigmatizing students and alienating parents by utilizing the Assess & Progress materials to identify, track, and measure mutually beneficial goals and outcomes as a team
  • Utilize included materials to determine thresholds and predetermined actions for students and parents should there be a rapid de-escalation in growth, behavior, or movement down the 4 Categories in Life
  • Effectively respond to teachers, parents, and the media on the reasons as well as progress after initiating an Assess & Progress Student Safety Assessment
  • Effectively blend Assess & Progress procedures into the school day, academic process, and disciplinary actions
  • And so much more


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Don Shomette

Creator of Assess & Progress

Don Shomette is a nationally recognized school violence prevention expert with a concentration in student safety assessments and is routinely interviewed by national news outlets concerning high-profile and extreme acts of school violence.
Don Shomette is different than any other safety expert because he treats people holistically. Those who attend his trainings and benefit from his coaching and consulting grow both professionally and personally. It is his mission to inspire and motivate those that he helps to not only grow more proficient in their work but also happier in their lives by seeing safety as something so much more than cameras and locks.
His approach, Safe & Loved, has been so well received by schools that he's the only violence prevention expert to get standing ovations from teachers!
Don Shomette has consulted for Mayors, superintendents, police chiefs, and key personnel in major cities with severe and chronic violence as well as wide-spread safety concerns. Don has advised, assisted, and created Safe & Loved Safety Plans for urban, rural, and suburban schools ranging in size from 8,000 students to over 65,000 students.
For nearly 30 years, Don has had the privilege of assisting thousands of teachers, principals, superintendents, parents, school resource officers and other difference makers to help students, families, and communities to be safe and feel loved.
Don is proud to say that thousands are using his techniques and materials and he is grateful that he has been able to make schools safer. His efforts have directly helped to prevent several school attacks.
Don learned a long time ago and has never wavered or strayed from the belief that people are not a problem to be solved but are the prize to be protected, nurtured, and loved. Technology is great, but people are better. People are the greatest asset, resource, and hope for a better tomorrow.
People are the prize!

To schedule Don for a Staff Professional Development, Safe & Loved Vulnerability Assessment, Keynote speaker, or to host a seminar please call or text 540-577-7200

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Registration Fee

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$595 per person*

* Price drops signficantly for organizations that send more than 3. See Discount Pricing Tab for details.

Fee includes the following:

14 hours of instruction.
Electronic copies of all routines and daily plans with individual reprint rights.
Course materials and continued support from Don Shomette.
Certificate and credit hours (as permitted by your state).

Register 3 or more and receive the same number in free seats!

Schools or police departments that register and pay for 3 or more participants, will receive the same number in free seats.

For example, if you register 6 you get 6 free seats to the trainings!

Seats can be shared between schools and police departments.

$15,750 for up to 50 participants!

Prepare your entire school district, counselors, and principals to use Assess & Progress!

This fee includes expenses, materials, and classroom instruction.

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