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About us

Don Shomette is a nationally recognized violence prevention expert who helps schools and police departments to prevent and survive school attacks.

Our approach

There are lots of tools and technology available to help prevent violence, but nothing is better than a trained, committed, and vigilant person.


The single greatest asset any school, police department, business, or community has to save lives, limit physical harm, and reduce emotional suffering is a...principal, police officer, teacher, counselor, social worker, student, parent...a person

People are the Prize and we prepare them to be successful!

About Don Shomette

For nearly 30 years, DON SHOMETTE has consulted for Mayors, superintendents, police chiefs, and key personnel in major cities with severe truancy issues, chronic violence, and wide-spread safety concerns. Don Shomette has worked inside urban, rural, and suburban schools with mild to severe security issues and ranging in size from 8,000 students to over 65,000 students on projects lasting from several days to several years.

Don is a nationally recognized violence prevention expert and is regularly interviewed by major news networks. Specializing in conducting Student Safety Assessments, Don is consistently sought out by schools and police departments to help assess and intervene with students who are displaying dangerous behaviors.

To date, over 1,000 schools and police departments are using materials and techniques provided by Don Shomette to prevent and survive a school attack.

Schools and police departments have personally credited Don, his materials, instruction, and techniques for identifying real threats, preventing school attacks, and ehancing the quality of life for teachers, students, and staff members.

Standing Ovations from Teachers!

Don Shomette is the ONLY violence prevention expert that gets standing ovations from teachers...after 3 hour safety talks!

“By far, the BEST presentation we’ve ever had in the district. It has been two months since the seminar and I’m still receiving feedback from teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals and clerical staff about WHEN (not if) I’m bringing Don back for another seminar! Don captured the audience from his first word spoken all the way through to the standing ovation!”

Administrator, CT

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