Change is inescapable. Your ability to shape that change is not.

The community policing of the 1990’s will not work today.

It must be enhanced and the officers implementing it must be greater at solving more challenging problems, better at influencing perspectives, and experts in leading diverse and different groups towards positive change.

HOST or ATTEND this course and we'll give you the skills and abilities to implement modern community policing that will make your communities safer, stronger, and more connected as well as close the gap between community and the police and therefore restore public trust while raising department morale.

Never has it been more necessary for police departments to become leaders in change!


2 Days

Credit Hours

14 Credit Hours

who should attend
COP Officers
Patrol officers
Field Training Officers
Security Officers
"Fantastic, relevant training. I was going to retire but you inspired me to keep going!"

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why attend

Community Resource Officers (CRO)

Through classroom instruction, discussion, and practical application, CRO will show you how to…
  • Effectively bring your community policing strategies up to date and in-line with today’s exceptional needs and challenges
  • Quickly assess and solve dynamic problems with realistic assessment tools and proven solutions
  • Expertly lead large and diverse groups of people in positive change
  • Enrich communities by utilizing a People Are The Prize strategy
  • Immediately make any community safer, their members happier, and the culture better by equipping them to use E-SAT (3 violence prevention strategies wrapped inside normal and everyday engagements).
  • Lead community meetings and give presentations that accomplish goals, build trust, and define you as an expert in positive change
  • Perfect police interactions with community members
  • Master social media and the art of winning a culture war
  • Create, edit, and post videos, articles, and podcasts that will educate as well as positively influence community and public opinion
  • And so much more



Topics & Outline

  • The roles, duties, responsibilities, and opportunities of a Community Resource Officer
  • The history of law enforcement and the century old practices that still shape, govern, and validate the need for Community Resource Officers (CRO)
  • How the CRO program fits into the model of modern law enforcement as well as the challenge and necessity of winning public perception through purposeful and strategic engagement
  • Understanding, defending, articulating, and implementing the positive and effective strategy of People Are The Prize
  • Problem solving strategies and practices in the world, military, schools, businesses, and police departments and those that have wildly succeeded and those that have failed miserably
  • Articulating the need and legitimate application of (justice) law inside communities
  • Incorporating proven violence prevention models and methods (Violence Prevention Triangle, Path to Violence Model, E-SAT Method) into your communities and efforts
  • Utilizing CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) to reshape the environment to prevent crime, violence, and disorder while positively influencing human behavior and enhancing community culture
  • Encouraging greater participation by making community members feel safer, respected, and more valued
  • Conducting Vulnerability Assessments and creating Community Project Plans (CPP's)
  • Predicting the type, frequency, and intensity of future violent behaviors in a community, business, and school
  • Master social media and the art of winning a cultural war
  • The art of giving awesome community, school, and business presentations that build trust and enhance professional image by identifying and addressing the unique concerns, outcomes, and goals of a specific group
  • Motivating and inspiring community members to support your effort, goals, and police department
  • Successfully influencing community members to follow, implement, and believe in you and your recommendations
  • Utilizing the 5-10-15 Rule to increase, enhance, and perfect your positive interactions with community members
  • Quick & easy ways to create, edit, and post videos, articles, and podcasts that will educate as well as positively influence public opinion
  • Protecting yourself and your department from civil liability

Registration Fee

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$495 per person

Fee includes the following:

14 hours of instruction.
Materials and continued support from Don Shomette.
Certificate and credit hours (as permitted by your state).

Register 3 or more and receive 2 free seats!

Police Departments that register and pay for 3 or more participants, will receive 2 free seats.

Seats can be shared between school personnel and law enforcement officers!

Train your entire department for a flat fee of $6,875

Host an event and receive 2 free seats!

Hosting a class is super easy! All you have to do is to provide a classroom and help advertise via your established networks. We'll do the rest. We create the flyer, registration page, process registrations, and handle all payments.

There's no fee to host an event.
Minimum class size is 15 and max is whatever the room can comfortably hold.
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