If you want your school to be safe and your teachers, students, and parents to feel loved then make the transformation with us to SAFE&LOVED and we'll show you how to...

1. Think Differently 

Inspire and motivate your school community to think of safety as an opportunity and not a hardship

2. Be Authentic

Build on the inherent and authentic strengths of teachers instead of focusing on their fears

3. Stay Holistic

Blend the academic, emotional, social, and safety needs into one holistic effort


Safe & Loved is a total school safety and engagement program that transforms school safety through inspiration and engagement. It gets rid of the old, rigid, and excessive and focuses only on the proven, wanted, and necessary!

Safe & Loved gives your school the skills, ability, materials, and support to make your environment SAFE and your teachers, students, and parents feel LOVED!

Why does Safe & Loved work?

  • 100% people focused and relationship enhancing!
  • Gives equal importance to the academic, emotional, and safety needs of a school!
  • Simple but effective plan-easily understood and implemented by everyone!
  • Exactly how teachers want to do school safety!
  • Love based and therefore in total harmony with the goals of education!
  • Proven violence prevention techniques with over 50 years of results!
  • Inspires, motivates, and energizes teachers to engage with students!
  • Allows teachers to be proactive instead of reactive or immobilized with fear.

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How does it work?

STEP 1: Commit To The Transformation

  • Get approval from the principal and make sure that he or she is ready for the transformation.
  • Organize a team of 3-6 members to attend the 2-day seminar (one must be the principal).

    Titles are not important. Attitudes make the difference. It doesn't matter if it's a teacher, SRO, custodian, counselor, parent, student, social worker...pick those who can help you create a critical mass for change!

  • Receive approval from the superintendent.

  • Safe & Loved is more than a seminar. It's a transformation in school safety. It's a big deal. It's supposed to be a big deal! Therefore, we're happy to answer any questions or to schedule a conference call so we can help your team decide if Safe & Loved is the right fit for your school!
    Just let us know how we can help!

    Don Shomette



    STEP 2: Attend A Seminar

  • Individual schools register online.
  • Come ready to participate! The seminar is an extremely fast paced, highly interactive 2 day event where you'll learn to quickly and effectively implement Safe & Loved in your school.
  • If there isn't a seminar near you, consider hosting one. It's super easy and schools that host a seminar receive a 50% discount on their registration fee!

  • STEP 3: Make The Transformation

  • You're ready--we've made sure of it! Smile and take the leap! Make the transformation! 
  • Utilize the Safety & Engagement plans, worksheets, announcements, and social media alerts to inform and prepare your teachers, parents, and students to be SAFE and feel LOVED.
  • Unlike any other provider, we're going to stay with you until you no longer need us.


Some Key components:


Plans/Morning Master Worksheet

75% of all School attacks happen before the start of second period... 80% of all attackers walk in through the main doors...and 70% of those are current or former students...

Nothing is more important than transforming and enhancing your morning arrival!

After all, if you can get beyond second period the chances of experiencing extreme violence drops to 25%. That is an amazing reduction and one of the main reasons why Safe & Loved is so focused on helping you improve your morning arrival. And for most schools--that's just 35 minutes or less! 35 minutes of focused and coordinated effort and everything can be changed!

The other reason we care so much about morning arrival is for the emotional well being of our school community. We believe that it is a shame for a student to get off the bus, walk through the bus loop, enter the main doors, walk down the hall, and enter their classroom without being greeted...not even once!

It's not enough to make your morning arrival safe. Your students and teachers must also feel loved.

We'll show you how to do this by giving you the following:
  • Methods to inspire your teachers to view morning arrival as an opportunity and not a hardship.
  • Detailed plans on how to break your bus and parent loops into smaller Engagement Zones.

    The smaller the zones the easier it is to create more powerful engagements with students, filter for unwanted behaviors, and identify indicators of danger. Don't send a person to cover the bus loop with 450 kids. Send them to cover Zone 1 with 60 kids!

  • How to reshape your morning arrival to ensure that every student receives 4 positive contacts prior to the start of first period.
  • Staff developments, helpful guides, and other materials to properly prepare those assisting with morning arrival to be able to identify, report, and respond to potential threats.
  • A Morning Master Worksheet so you can quickly gauge your effectiveness and immediately make corrections.
  • An extremely quick and easy method for your students and teachers to let you know how Safe & Loved they feel!
  • And so much more!

"As a district leader, I'm on the outside looking in and I've seen (and felt) a marked difference. Our principals, teachers, and staff have embraced Safe & Loved, especially with the morning arrivals. They enjoy greeting our students, parents, and other relatives at morning dropoff and it is impacting the culture of the building...for the better. It was a simple and commonsensical move that has made a big difference. At first, I sensed some reluctance about 'putting more on the plates' of our teachers, but all have embraced this new role."


Assistant Superintendent


Engagement Method

What do you see?

We see total school safety...

Since 1970, it's been known that if you want to make any place or person safer then you must increase or enhance these 3 things:

1. Supervision
2. Access Control
3. Territorial Reinforcement

The teacher in the video accomplished all three!

By standing by the door she's watching the hall and students (1. Supervision). She's controlled who is coming and going (2. Access control) and by her vigilant, caring, and positive demeanor she's sending a very clear message (3. Territorial Reinforcement) that she cares, she's watching, and you're not going to be able to do whatever you like. That's ownership and we know from offenders that for them this translates into, "She's not an easy target--they're not an easy target."

We take what teachers love to do--connect with and make a difference in the lives of their students--and blend in 3 techniques that will make everyone safer.

This isn't about giving teachers more to do. It's about taking what they already love to do and making it better by rolling together a positive Engagement + Supervision + Access Control + Territorial Reinforcement into an easy to remember and simple to utilize method (E-SAT) that is guaranteed to make your school safer, your teachers happier, and your students feel loved!


Complete Staff Development ($395 value)

Teachers don’t need to be afraid. They just need to move faster!

The 7 Second Lockdown Program enables your school to lockdown in 7 seconds by following 4 simple progression & proficiency drills that last only 3 minutes and 30 seconds from start to clear and won't scare anyone or disrupt the educational process!

The 7 Second Lockdown treats the teacher as the hero of the story and builds on the inherent qualities of our teachers instead of working against them. It doesn’t use the fear of violence or failure to motivate teachers. The 7 Second Lockdown conditions them to be able to accomplish the few necessary and critical lifesaving tasks in 7 seconds or less.

Adopt The 7 Second Lockdown Procedures and learn the following:
  • The art of utilizing progression drills to quickly enhance skills.
  • The two elements that make a perfect lockdown.
  • Why you should hold a lockdown drill for no longer than 3 minutes.
  • Tips, tricks, and hacks used by others to speed up the lockdown.
  • How to respond to violence that is close/far from your classroom.
  • The 3 strategies used by teachers who have survived a school attack.
  • 5 critical reasons why school attacks demand a faster lockdown.
  • Assessing the protective quality of each classroom door.
  • How to mitigate the risks of classroom doors with poor protective quality.
  • Seamlessly merging the 7 Second Lockdown into your current procedures.
  • And so much more


Engagement Technique

Whatever you practice you become good at...

We'll give you a technique (5-10-15) and the materials to help your teachers double as well as perfect their engagements.

To help you perfect the 5-10-15
  • Each school will receive a 7 Inner Strengths Worksheet as well as nearly 60 prepared course corrections (15 words or less) designed to grow a specific inner strength.

    Students who excel possess 7 Inner Strengths. If we ever want to truly end school attacks then we have to make our students stronger. These course corrections will help you strengthen students today so they never choose to use violence in the future.

"I learned a lot from Don. I liked him immediately. He has a great way of explaining things to you so that you do not feel like you have been doing things the wrong way. The outcome has been that my school is safer. There also exists an even better positive climate! I didn’t think that was possible but I was wrong!"




Ready to Implement Best Practices

Schools using Safe & Loved receive ready made safety and engagement plans that highlight the most important tasks for each of the following segments of the school day.

Morning Arrival
After Morning Arrival
After Lunch

It's very difficult to get cooperation when you say that we're going to make our day safer. It's too big and too broad. It's much easier and more reasonable to expect a helping hand when you say that we're going to make the first 35 minutes of the school day safer--who would like to help?

These plans double as worksheets. Just pull out the segment of the day you're enhancing and follow the checklist. Enhancing short, clearly defined segments of the school day will garner the most cooperation from your teachers and staff and therefore give you the greatest and the quickest return on your effort.

If you need help problem-solving an issue--call or email!

These are some of the key elements of Safe & Loved...but there's a lot more to it...

Questions & Conference Calls

Safe & Loved is a big deal. It's supposed to be! This is not just a training but a transformation to safe & loved

Just let us know how we can help.

We're available by phone, email or we'd be happy to schedule a conference call so members of your team can ask questions.

Don Shomette



One and done...

Here's what we know about school attackers...
  • 100% take at least three months to plan and prepare.
  • 75% give off a public indicator before they attack.
  • 90% walk in through an open door (80% through the front door)!
  • 10% fight their way into the school (through a door).
  • 75% attack prior to the start of second period (between 7:00 - 9:30am).
  • 7% target the school resource officer in the school first.
  • 70% are known to the school as current or former students.
  • 100% recon the school at least once prior to the attack.
  • 100% attack to meet a need (real or perceived).
  • 100% commit an act of targeted violence (not random violence)!
  • 99% fail to fire all their rounds before the attack ends.
  • At least 3 have visited Columbine prior to their attack.
  • At least 75 have referenced Columbine in their notes.
  • At least 7 have murdered family members prior to their attack.
  • Most school attacks last only minutes.
  • Approximately 6 classrooms or spaces are physically occupied by the attacker.
  • Every attacker, anywhere in the entire world, has traveled down the exact same Path to Violence and progressed through the exact same 4 Stages.
Why is this important to know?

After every school attack, there is pressure placed on schools to revisit, revamp, and refocus their safety procedures. With Safe & Loved that is not necessary.

We've taken what we know about school attacks and we've embedded counter measures into Safe & Loved to mitigate your risk as well as the necessity to change your procedures after a school attack.

Safe & Loved is a one and done...and your teachers, students, and parents will thank you for the stability, confidence, and protection it provides everyday!


2 Day seminar

Through classroom instruction, discussion, and practical application, participants will learn the following:
  • How to quickly and effectively implement Safe & Loved.
  • Methods and materials to gauge your current level of success.
  • The history and science of reshaping your environment to positively influence behaviors.
  • Doubling student engagements with the 5-10-15 method.
  • Utilizing and implementing the E-SAT engagement method.
  • Blending violence prevention techniques into every student engagement.
  • Inspiring teachers by focusing on their strengths instead of their fears.
  • Encouraging reciprocal engagement with adults to improve student lives.
  • How to go from Good to Better to the Best.
  • The 4 elements necessary to prevent a school attack.
  • The art of utilizing progression drills to speed up lockdown drills.
  • The two critical elements that make a perfect lockdown.
  • Methods used by great schools to improve safety and enhance culture.
  • The 3 strategies used by teachers who have survived a school attack.
  • How to use the included letters, emails, and social media alerts to inspire and inform students, staff, parents, and the media about the new and exciting changes.
  • And so much more...

Praise for Don Shomette

"Don has the unique ability to make you understand the gravity of the situation without heightening anxiety. He provided the district and the schools with valuable information about our strengths and areas that needed improvement. Most importantly, he provided solutions that were easy to implement, have made the buildings safer and have improved the student experience."


Director of Elementary Education

What's included

    Personal Coaching & Continued Support
  • Each principal/school receives personal coaching and continued support from Don Shomette!
  • Call or email, and we'll help you as much as you need in implementing the program and utilizing the materials!
    Safety & Engagement Plans
  • Use these plans to reshape each segment of the school day from morning arrival through dismissal to maximize safety and engagement.
  • Implement these procedures to ensure that every student receives 4 positive contacts prior to the start of first period.
    Teacher Instructional Videos
  • Don Shomette briefly explains and demonstrates to teachers the following:
  • Introduction to Safe & Loved.
  • E-SAT Method.
  • 5-10-15 Technique & Course Corrections.
  • 7 Inner Strengths & Worksheet.
  • Using the Safe & Loved Classroom Survey.
    Master Morning Worksheet
  • Maximize your safety and engagement during the most important part of the day!
    E-SAT Engagement & Safety Method
  • Materials to introduce, explain, and prepare teachers to utilize the E-SAT Method.
    5-10-15 Engagement Technique
  • Materials to introduce, explain, and prepare teachers to utilize the 5-10-15 Method.
    7 Inner Strengths Worksheet
  • Approximately 60 course corrections (15 words) that can be used to correct/affirm behaviors as well as to improve the 7 Inner Strengths of students.
    Student/Teacher Survey
  • Use this simple, anonymous, and friendly means for you to receive feedback on how safe and loved each teacher & student feels on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
    Indicators of Danger (PowerPoint)
  • Every school attacker gives off public indicators of danger. Equip your teachers to be able to spot the warning signs that a student is preparing to attack your school.
    The 7 Second Lockdown Drills
  • These 4 progression drills will enable you to progress from achieving a perfect lockdown in 21 seconds, 17 seconds, 12 seconds, and finally 7 Seconds.
  • A specific script for each drill to be announced over the PA.
  • Brief staff letter with specific instructions & expectations for each drill.
  • Brief teacher/staff self evaluation worksheet for each specific drill.
  • Parent email/letter describing the goals for each specific drill.
    When to Call a Lockdown (Teacher's Guide) (PDF)
  • Guidelines for helping teachers to know when and when not to call a lockdown. Guide comes with 4 practical applications. Entire staff development lasts no longer than 30 minutes.
    How To Identify, Respond, and Report a Potential Threat (PDF)
  • Guidelines for staff members assisting with morning arrival, lunch, and dismissal in being able to identify, respond, and report a potential threat.

Limited Spots Available...

Only 7 schools each seminar!

Safe&Loved is not just a 2 day professional development. It's a total school safety and engagement program.
To help your school make the transformation to Safe&Loved, we provide materials, personal coaching, and a 2-day professional development. The professional development is highly interactive with group discussions and practical applications. Therefore, we've limited the size of the seminar to only 7 individual schools.
Seminars are closed once 7 individual schools have registered.
If you'd like to make your school safe and your people feel loved, please register to attend or host an event today!
Larger seminars are available for districts that have more than 7 schools and would like to have their people participate and implement Safe & Loved as a district.
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Safe & loved

Program Fee

$1,875 for each individual school

Fee includes the following:

  • The SAFE&LOVED program for one school 
  • Up to 6 seats to the 2 day seminar

    NOTE: Seats cannot be shared across the district--must be from the same school

  • All course materials including printing rights
  • Personal coaching and continued support
  • The 7 Second Lockdown (a $395 value)
  • Personal guarantee that you will become safer and that your students, teachers, and parents will feel more loved

    Please call or email with questions!

    Don Shomette




Schools agree to the following conditions.

  • Your principal will attend the 2 day seminar.
  • Your superintendent has given approval.
  • At least 3 school members will attend the 2 day seminar.
  • Personal coaching with Don Shomette to ensure program success.
  • All materials, techniques, and methods will only be used in your school.
  • Payment will be made prior to the seminar.

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