Safe & Loved transforms school safety through inspiration and engagement. It gets rid of the old, rigid, and excessive and focuses only on the proven, wanted, and necessary!

Safe & Loved gives your school the skills, ability, materials, and support to make your environment SAFE and your teachers, students, and parents feel LOVED!

This is what teachers, students, and parents want! A safe school that feels like a school!


2 Days (16 hours)

Credit Hours

14 Credit Hours

who should attend
Social Workers
Deans of Students
"Hearing what you said about caring for students holistically made my heart leap for joy!"

Mental Health Expert, CT

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SAFE & LOVE...why it works

  • 100% people focused and relationship enhancing!
  • Is holistic and gives equal importance to the academic, emotional, social, and safety needs of a school!
  • Gets rid of the old, rigid, and excessive and focuses only on the proven, wanted, and necessary!
  • Makes your environment SAFE and your teachers, students, and parents feel LOVED!
  • Simple but effective plan-easily understood and implemented by everyone!
  • Exactly how teachers want to do school safety!
  • Love based and therefore in total harmony with the goals of education!
  • Proven violence prevention techniques with over 50 years of results!
  • Inspires, motivates, and energizes teachers to engage with students!
  • Allows teachers to be proactive instead of reactive or immobilized with fear.

"As a district leader, I'm on the outside looking in and I've seen (and felt) a marked difference. Our principals, teachers, and staff have embraced Safe & Loved, especially with the morning arrivals. They enjoy greeting our students, parents, and other relatives at morning dropoff and it is impacting the culture of the building...for the better. It was a simple and commonsensical move that has made a big difference. At first, I sensed some reluctance about 'putting more on the plates' of our teachers, but all have embraced this new role."

Assistant Superintendent

Why attend

Safe & Loved

Through classroom instruction, discussion, and practical application, participants will learn the following:
  • How to quickly and effectively implement Safe & Loved.
  • Thinking differently and holistically about safety
  • The history and science of reshaping your environment to positively influence behaviors.
  • Doubling student engagements with the 5-10-15 method.
  • Utilizing and implementing the E-SAT engagement method.
  • Blending violence prevention techniques into every student engagement.
  • Inspiring teachers by focusing on their strengths instead of their fears.
  • Encouraging reciprocal engagement with adults to improve student lives.
  • How to go from Good to Better to the Best.
  • The 4 elements necessary to prevent a school attack.
  • The art of utilizing progression drills to speed up lockdown drills.
  • The two critical elements that make a perfect lockdown.
  • Methods used by great schools to improve safety and enhance culture.
  • The 3 strategies used by teachers who have survived a school attack.
  • And so much more...


What's included

    Personal Coaching & Continued Support
  • Each principal/school receives personal coaching and continued support from Don Shomette!
  • Call or email, and we'll help you as much as you need in implementing the program and utilizing the materials!
    Safety & Engagement Plans
  • Use these plans to reshape each segment of the school day from morning arrival through dismissal to maximize safety and engagement.
  • Implement these procedures to ensure that every student receives 4 positive contacts prior to the start of first period.
    Teacher Instructional Videos
  • Don Shomette briefly explains and demonstrates to teachers the following:
  • Introduction to Safe & Loved.
  • E-SAT Method.
  • 5-10-15 Technique & Course Corrections.
  • 7 Inner Strengths & Worksheet.
  • Using the Safe & Loved Classroom Survey.
    Master Morning Worksheet
  • Maximize your safety and engagement during the most important part of the day!
    E-SAT Engagement & Safety Method
  • Materials to introduce, explain, and prepare teachers to utilize the E-SAT Method.
    5-10-15 Engagement Technique
  • Materials to introduce, explain, and prepare teachers to utilize the 5-10-15 Method.
    7 Inner Strengths Worksheet
  • Approximately 60 course corrections (15 words) that can be used to correct/affirm behaviors as well as to improve the 7 Inner Strengths of students.
    Student/Teacher Survey
  • Use this simple, anonymous, and friendly means for you to receive feedback on how safe and loved each teacher & student feels on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
    Indicators of Danger (PowerPoint)
  • Every school attacker gives off public indicators of danger. Equip your teachers to be able to spot the warning signs that a student is preparing to attack your school.
    The 7 Second Lockdown Drills
  • These 4 progression drills will enable you to progress from achieving a perfect lockdown in 21 seconds, 17 seconds, 12 seconds, and finally 7 Seconds.
  • A specific script for each drill to be announced over the PA.
  • Brief staff letter with specific instructions & expectations for each drill.
  • Brief teacher/staff self evaluation worksheet for each specific drill.
  • Parent email/letter describing the goals for each specific drill.
    When to Call a Lockdown (Teacher's Guide) (PDF)
  • Guidelines for helping teachers to know when and when not to call a lockdown. Guide comes with 4 practical applications. Entire staff development lasts no longer than 30 minutes.
    How To Identify, Respond, and Report a Potential Threat (PDF)
  • Guidelines for staff members assisting with morning arrival, lunch, and dismissal in being able to identify, respond, and report a potential threat.

"Don’s insight in developing relationships between students, staff and community is a unique perspective on violence prevention. Since his visit to our district, real change has occurred. Staff is more visible, students are noticing and there is a real tangible feeling that our buildings are not only safer, but more welcoming and more supportive."

Assistant Principal

Registration Fee

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$595 per person

Fee includes the following:

14 hours of instruction.
Continued support from Don Shomette.
Certificate and credit hours (as permitted by your state).

Register 3 or more and receive 2 free seats!

Schools that register and pay for 3 or more participants, will receive 2 free seats.

Seats can be shared between school personnel and law enforcement officers!

Make the greatest change by preparing everyone to implement Safe & Loved!

Host your own professional development and invite everyone in your school district to attend.

$6,875 for three, four, or up to eight hours--you decide!
This fee includes expenses, materials, and instruction.

Host an event and receive 2 free seats!

Hosting a class is super easy! All you have to do is to provide a classroom and help advertise via your established networks. We'll do the rest. We create the flyer, registration page, process registrations, and handle all payments.

There's no fee to host an event.
Minimum class size is 15 and max is whatever the room can comfortably hold.
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