This course gives you the skills, abilities, and materials to help your officers not only survive but to thrive during these terrible times of unfair, unwarranted, and unrelenting attacks on law enforcement.

Leaders will learn how to utilize The 4 Categories of Life Model for real improvements in officer growth and job satisfaction as well as practical methods to mitigate and replace negative pressures with positive routines, processes, and practices that will make your officers safer, happier, and more successful as a cop and as a person.

This course shows you how to inspire and motivate officers to maintain emotional and professional control of theirs lives, enrich their marriage and relationships, and enjoy a positive and meaningful career…all while being a cop.


2 Days (16 hours)

Credit Hours

14 Credit Hours

who should attend
Leaders/future leaders
Field Training Officers
Police Officers
Dispatch/Support Leaders
"I was going to retire but you inspired me to keep going!"

Police Officer - New York

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Every police officer is presently in 1 of the 4 Categories of Life...


Emotionally burned out, feeling overwhelmed, very susceptible to stress and negative pressures, making unsafe choices, potentially harmful to self.


Striving for more stability in life, work, and relationships but having little success, hard to get things done, trying to move forward but struggling.


Emotionally stable, resistent to stress and negative pressures, everything is good but not good enough, satisfied but not fulfiled, want more out of life.


Strong in the 7 Inner Strengths, extremely stable and resilient, living with purpose and passion, growing personally, happy, fulfiled, unbreakable!

Attend this class and as a leader we'll show you how to...

  • Quickly determine an officer's present Life Category in both job performance and emotional health

  • Rapidly and reliably transition officers from a lower to a higher category

  • Reduce ethics violations and civil liability by keeping officers in the STRONG category

  • Increase officer retention by providing a clear and practical model for officer self-improvement, professional growth, and greater job satisfaction...even in difficult times

  • Develop STRONG officers who are unbreakable in this negative environment

  • And so much more...

After being safe...

what do families, spouses, children, and parents want for their officers?

They want them to be happy, hopeful, optimistic, and as much as is possible to live a normal life in spite of a such a difficult, demanding, and often negative job.
Another name for this is emotional health…they simply want their officer to be emotionally healthy.

Why is it so important?

Emotional health has the power to save or destroy lives and families. Therefore, it must be a priority for every leader in law enforcement. Especially now during these unfair, hostile, and destructive times.

Lives will be lost and families ruined if greater concern and action is not taken at the leadership level.

We’ll show you how to do this, how to help your officers...

  • Become emotionally unbreakable by learning, growing, and becoming stronger in the 7 Inner Strengths
  • Implement routines and practices to stay emotionally positive, focused, and moving forward each day...especially in difficult times
  • Utilize self-assessment tools to rate current emotional health as well as techniques for immediate improvements in emotional health
  • Enhance officer safety by practicing, perfecting, and maintaining a mindset of clarity and gratitude
  • Prevent negative and harmful thinking by scripting future reactions to specific behaviors
  • Overcome pain, fear, trauma, and resentment with passion, purpose, and action
  • Understand authentic love and the 3 simple steps to enrich any relationship
  • And so much more


Police Officers Need Both!

An incredible amount of time and effort is invested in making police officers proficient in their job because they have to be! Lives depend on it! Where we must improve is helping officers to be successful as a human being in such a stressful and negative environment because lives also depend on it.
They deserve it...their families need it!
THE UNBREAKABLE COP is the answer to this problem. HOST it and get 5 FREE SEATS to the training. All you have to do is provide a training space and help advertise via your established network and we'll do the rest.
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How does hosting this course help your department?
Increased officer retention
Enhanced officer safety
Improved department morale
Suicide awareness & prevention
Reduced ethics violations
Prevention against civil liability
Greater public approval
Free training

Send your Leaders, Supervisors, and Field Training Officers...

and makes these positive and career changing improvements department wide!


Topics & Outline

Day 1: 8:30-3:30
  • The noble history and traditions of law enforcement and what makes the men and women who protect our communities and families so special.
  • Understanding and implementing the positive and effective policing strategy of People Are The Prize inside communities, police departments, and families
  • Understanding, applying, and utilizing The 4 Categories of Life Model to assess and progress officers from lower to higher life categories
  • The 4 Strategies of Inspirational Leadership and practical methods to inspire and motivate others to higher levels of 1) Morale 2) Cohesion 3) Proficiency and 4) Discipline
  • Helping officers to become unbreakable by learning, growing, and becoming stronger in the 7 Inner Strengths through leadership example, instruction, counselling, and coaching
  • Leadership strategies for helping others overcome fear, pain, resentment, and trauma
  • Day 2: 8:30-3:30
  • Resolving conflict, improving communications, and enhancing trust
  • Inspirational and courageous leadership traits that will make you personally and professionally indispensable
  • Identifying the intrinsic motivators for those you lead and how to draw them out for greater results
  • Developing officer grit, resiliency, and persistence to ensure officer safety, happiness, and success
  • Enhancing officer retention by showing officers how to decide the scope, direction, and length of their careers by dictating their own self-worth instead of letting others do it
  • Understanding authentic love and the 3 simple steps that can save, enrich, and grow any relationship
  • Preventing negative and harmful thinking by showing officers how to script future reactions to specific behaviors
  • Utilizing the 5-10-15 Method for affirming, correcting, and strengthening behaviors, habits, and practices
  • Using the 51% rule of moving each day forward by using routines, processes, and checklists that help you to maintain forward momentum

Registration Fee

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$495 per person*

* Price drops signficantly for organizations that send more than 3. See Discount Pricing Tab for details.

Fee includes the following:

14 hours of instruction.
Electronic copies of all routines and daily plans with reprint rights.
Course materials and continued support from Don Shomette.
Certificate and credit hours (as permitted by your state).

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For example, if you register 6 you get 6 free seats to the trainings!

$6,875 for up to 50 officers!

Host the event at your local Police Department, training facility, or police academy and invite up to 50 participants to attend.

This fee includes expenses, materials, and classroom instruction.

Host an event and receive 5 free seats!

Hosting a class is super easy! All you have to do is to provide a classroom and help advertise via your established networks. We'll do the rest. We create the flyer, registration page, process registrations, and handle all payments.

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Minimum class size is 15 and max is whatever the room can comfortably hold.
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