Poor self-control, weak social skills, and over-the-top responses are the cause of many unnecessary conflicts and disagreements in schools.

Not only are these behaviors harmful for the parties involved but they also hurt a school’s ability to maintain a positive culture and quality of life. It is in the best interest of everyone that these conflicts be solved quickly, successfully, and permanently.

Participants will learn how to do just that by utilizing the Open-Response Conflict Resolution (ORCR) model to successfully de-escalate students and angry parents as well as anxious and scary situations.


2 Days (16 hours)

Credit Hours

14 Credit Hours

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Social Workers
Deans of Students
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Open-Response Conflict Resolution

Most conflicts are fueled by feelings instead of logic and could be easily resolved in a matter of seconds if someone responded in a manner that opened a path out of the problem.

Open-Response Conflict Resolution is a de-escalation and conflict resolution method that will show you how to do just this--how to de-escalate a person or a situation by utilizing key gestures, phrases, postures, and open responses that can immediately create understanding, recognition, mutual success, and peace.

In no way does this mean that you have to give in, accept poor behavior, let someone treat you badly, or simply hug it out...but you do have to be strategic, logical, open, and completely human in your responses.

Open-Response Conflict Resolution gives you the tools to successfully de-escalate and resolve conflicts as well as help protect yourself personally from emotional and financial hardship.

Why attend

Open-Response Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are becoming more common in our world, communities, families, and unfortunately, also in our schools.

Way too many people, both young and old, are becoming emotionally frayed and therefore are super quick to turn to conflict. The more these conflicts occur the better you must be prepared to protect yourself and others from this destructive trap. Attend this course and learn Open-Response Conflict Resolution so you can help others without putting yourself in a position where your good intentions could cause you to suffer emotionally or financially because of someone else’s behavior.

Those who have the ability to successfully resolve conflicts will be highly praised and placed in higher levels of leadership!

Attend this course and we'll show you how to...

  • Understand and utilize the Open-Response Conflict Resolution method to successfully resolve conflict, de-escalate students, and manage difficult situations
  • Identify the "real issue" of the conflict and which response or series of responses will immediately open a path out of the problem
  • Recognize distinct student behaviors that warn of imminent conflict as well as understand how the adolescent brain processes decisions and responses
  • Implement daily proactive routines and practices that limit, mitigate, and prevent conflicts before they even happen
  • Utilize self-assessment tools to track, correct, and enhance your use of the Open-Response Conflict Resolution method
  • Overcome the pain, fear, trauma, and resentment of past and future conflicts with focus, passion, purpose, and action
  • Use authentic love and the 2 simple steps to enhance or restore any relationship hurt, damaged, or broken because of conflict
  • And so much more


Course Topics

  • NOTE: The course consists of instruction, practical application, and group discussion. Please join us and be ready to participate! Together we will view videos and listen to recordings of real conflicts as well as watch scenes from movies to learn, practice, and apply the concepts and materials. Through a multi-faceted approach, participants will learn how to do the following:
  • Understand and apply the Open Response Conflict Resolution method in a school setting
  • Apply the key gestures, phrases, postures, and open responses that can immediately create understanding, recognition, mutual success, and peace
  • The physiology and psychology of the teen brain in making decisions

  • Quickly identify the 'real issue' of a conflict

  • Use simple but effective thresholds for knowing when and when not to use physical restraint

  • Effectively respond to angry students, parents, or other adults with open responses
  • Provide options that create paths out of problems and towards solutions
  • Overcome the pain, fear, trauma, and resentment of past and future conflicts with focus, passion, purpose, and action

  • Lower a person's anxiety, anger, and fear
  • Utilize authentic love and the 2 simple steps that can save, enrich, repair, and grow any relationship
  • Effectively apply the 5-10-15 Positive Engagement Method to focus, calm, and de-escalate students
  • Resolve conflicts, solve problems, and de-escalate situations whether in person, on the phone, or video

Registration Fee

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$495 per person

Fee includes the following:

14 hours of instruction.
Continued support from Don Shomette.
Certificate and credit hours (as permitted by your state).

Register 3 or more and receive the same number in free seats!

Schools and police departments that register and pay for 3 or more participants, will receive the same number in free seats.

For example, if you register 6 you get 6 free seats to the trainings!

Seats can be shared between school personnel and law enforcement officers!

$6,875 for up to 100 participants!

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This fee includes expenses, materials, and classroom instruction.

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