This class is not theory, political, or a repeat of the same old stuff…

Attend this class and get THE SKILLS to be able to quickly spot and stop mass shooters by accurately reading suspicious, threatening, and dangerous behaviors that indicate WHERE a person is on the PATH TO VIOLENCE.
The Path to Violence has 4 distinct stages and every mass murderer travels down it...



Suspect has fully committed to the IDEA of using targeted violence to meet a need.



Suspect has taken concrete, discernable, and visible steps to PLAN an attack



Suspect has taken concrete, discernable, and visible steps to PREPARE for an attack



Suspect has breached the scene and is physically onsite. The ACT to mass murder has began

Learn how to use The Path to Violence and stop mass murderers!



Premiere training to equip Police Officers to be able to identify (and stop) the next mass shooter when investigating threats.

Mass shooters give off indicators of danger. Receive the skills and materials to be able to spot, assess, and stop these shooters before they can attack. 

Every police officer must attend this class!


Because of the sensitive nature of the material, this course is only for active duty law enforcement officers and select approved individuals.

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1 Day (8 hours)

Credit Hours

7 Credit Hours

who should attend
Patrol Officers
Police supervisors
Law enforcement officers

"I texted my sgt during the training and thanked him for sending me!"

-- Police Officer, Florida

why attend

Identifying the Mass shooter

You can't stop a threat if you can't identify the threat!

It's critical that police officers understand how to utilize the Path to Violence to spot the mass shooter or you'll waste your time with those who are not a threat and miss the ones who really are a threat!

We've studied over 80 years of mass murderers in our schools, communities, and cities. Police officers who attend this 1 day, fast paced training will learn the following:
  • How to spot those on the Path to Violence.
  • Identify what stage a person is on The Path to Violence.
  • Quickly assess a person's current risk level with easy to utilize worksheets.
  • Distinguish normal from threatening behaviors in adults as well as young people.
  • Assess (read) behaviors and determine their true risk level...if any.
  • Identify behaviors that indicate the attack is imminent.
  • Effective techniques to mitigate and control a dangerous person.
  • Helpful steps to guide your police department and community to respond appropriately.
  • Protect your police department and yourself against civil liability.
  • And so much more

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What's Included

Worksheets & Procedures

You'll receive worksheets and procedures to assist you in assessing the threat, making a 'snapshot' assessment, determining the current risk level, leading interviews, conducting searches, protecting yourself against civil liability, and so much more.

Participants receive electronic copies and permission to print worksheets.

Continued Support

If you find yourself working with a dangerous person, reach out to us and we'll help you as much as you need. Use us to problem-solve, confirm your findings, or to create intervention plans.


Topics & Outline

Course consists of instruction and practical application
  • Commonalities in mass attacks and what every person on The Path to Violence have in common
  • Distinguishing non-threatening behavior from threatening behavior
  • Danger signs that warn of an impending attack
  • Reading (assessing) adult and teen behaviors and determining their true risk level
  • How to spot those on the Path to Violence
  • Making a 'snapshot' assessment and other immediate life saving actions
  • Psychology, mindset, and aftermath of murder as well as why mass attacks take place
  • Dispelling the myths that hold us back from preventing violence
  • Quickly assess a person's current risk level with easy to utilize models, techniques, and supplied worksheets
  • Responding to parents, the media, and other members of the community
  • Protecting yourself and your police department from legal and civil liability
  • Conclusion, Certificates, and Credit Hours

Registration Fee

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$195 per person

Fee includes the following:

7 hours of instruction.
Course materials with printing rights.
Master Threat Assessment Worksheet.
Continued support from Don Shomette.
Certificate and credit hours (as permitted by your state).

$5,875 for up to 50 participants!

Host the event at your local Police Department, training facility, or police academy and invite up to 50 participants to attend.

This fee includes expenses, materials, and reprint rights.

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Hosting a class is super easy! All you have to do is to provide a classroom and help advertise via your networks.

We'll do the rest. We create the flyer, registration page, process registrations, and handle all payments.

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Minimum class size is 15 and max is whatever the room can comfortably hold.
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