If you've attended Without Mercy prior to 9 Feb 2021, this class is all new attacks!



Studying the past to create a safer future!

Without Mercy Part 1 is a fast paced, in-depth, 2-day professional development that studies 80 years of mass murders in our schools and pulls from these horrific events 48 hard lessons learned that you can use to prevent an attack.


This course contains a few graphic images and some graphic discussion! We promise that we will 1) give a warning before showing graphic images and 2) not show murdered victims.

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2 Days (16 hours)

Credit Hours

14 Credit Hours

who should attend
Safety Team Members
SRO's/Law enforcement

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why attend

without mercy

Those who know these lessons become invaluable members of their community & profession!

Without Mercy helps you to prevent a future school attack by studying the details of past attacks, the indicators of danger that previous attackers gave off as they planned and prepared to commit mass murder, and what could have been done to stop them.

Through classroom instruction, discussion, and practical application, Without Mercy will give you…
  • 48 hard lessons learned from the past that can make our future safer
  • What every school attacker has in common
  • Common danger signs that warn of an impending attack
  • Weapons, tactics, and intent—how they did it and why
  • Psychology, mindset, and aftermath of murder
  • Utilizing the Path to Violence to determine trajectory and risk
  • First-hand accounts shared from high profile school attacks
  • The real reason kids attack schools and their efforts to fool you
  • The global response to school attacks & examples from other countries
  • And so much more

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What's Included

Continued Support

Just call or email, and we'll help you as much as you need in implementing the lessons learned and violence prevention techniques!

Indicators of Danger (PowerPoint)

Every school attacker gives off public indicators of impending danger. Educate your teachers and staff members with this PowerPoint of the warning signs to look for that a student is preparing to attack your school.

Worksheets & Staff Developments

Staff Development: How To Identify, Respond, and Report a Potential Threat (PDF): Guidelines for staff members assisting with morning arrival, lunch, and dismissal in being able to identify, respond, and report a potential threat.

Staff Development: When to Call a Lockdown (Teacher's Guide) (PDF):
Guidelines for helping teachers to know when and when not to call a lockdown. Guide comes with 4 practical applications. Entire staff development lasts no longer than 30 minutes.


Topics & Outline

Day 1: 8:30-3:30
  • A detailed review of the worst school attacks
  • Commonalities in school attacks and what every school attacker has in common
  • Common danger signs that warn of an impending attack
  • Reading (assessing) student behaviors and determining their true risk level
  • Predicting the type, frequency, and intensity of future student behaviors
  • Psychology, mindset, and aftermath of murder as well as why kids attack schools
  • Dispelling the myths that hold our schools back from preventing violence
  • Eyewitness accounts shared from high profile school attacks
Day 2: 8:30-3:30
  • Continued detailed review of the worst school attacks (continuation from Day 1)
  • Weapons, tactics, and intent—how they did it and why
  • Blending threat assessment procedures into the academic process
  • Creating multiple safety layers to filter out unwanted behavior and violence
  • Equipping students and teachers to identify & safely respond to threats
  • The global response to school attacks & examples from other countries

Registration Fee

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$495 per person

Fee includes the following:

14 hours of instruction.
Materials including PowerPoint and 2 staff developments.
Continued support from Don Shomette.
Certificate and credit hours (as permitted by your state).

Register 3 or more and receive the same number in free seats!

Schools and police departments that register and pay for 3 or more participants, will receive the same number in free seats.

For example, if you register 6 you get 6 free seats to the trainings!

Seats can be shared between school personnel and law enforcement officers!

$6,875 for up to 100 participants!

Host the event at your school district, local Police Department, training facility, or police academy and invite everyone to attend!

This fee includes expenses, materials, and classroom instruction.

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Minimum class size is 15 and max is whatever the room can comfortably hold.
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Quick Tips

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