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We inspire schools to think differently about safety and help make teachers, students, and parents feel Safe and Loved!

Police Departments

We help police departments to give better services through consultation as well as basic and advance violence prevention trainings.

Individuals & Families

We help individuals and families to be safer, happier, and to grow stronger in the 7 Inner Strengths.


We show businesses how to use inspirational, warm, and inviting safety techniques that will make their team safer and their clients feel valued.

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People Are The Prize Policing Program

PEOPLE ARE THE PRIZE is the only philosophy, strategy, program, and blueprint for real change that is mutually beneficial for both communities as it is for police officers. People Are The Prize is the answer to that most difficult question of how do we move forward together...

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SRO 2.0

If you’re an SRO and hope to be successful in this demanding and changing landscape, you must elevate your abilities and program to a higher position of value, respect, and skills. Whether you're a new or a seasoned SRO, attend this course and make the upgrade to being the absolute best protector, leader, and influencer!

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"By far, the BEST presentation we’ve ever had in the district. It has been two months since the seminar and I’m still receiving feedback from teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals and clerical staff about WHEN (not if) I’m bringing Don back for another seminar! Don captured the audience from his first word spoken all the way through to the standing ovation!"
District Administrator - Connecticut


Together let's change our day, our lives, and help others to be safer, happier, and more successful!

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Surviving an Attack

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I'm Going to Kill You!

How do I know if this is just words or something more?

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Should I Change My Safety Plans?

70% of all school attackers are students and know exactly what we do in a lockdown. Does that mean we should change them?

6 Minute Read


Should Teachers Be Armed?

Part 1 of a 3 part Video Series

15 Minutes



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