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If you want your school to be safe and your teachers, students, and parents to feel loved then make the transformation with us to SAFE&LOVED and we'll show you how to...

1. Think Differently 

Inspire and motivate your school community to think of safety as an opportunity and not a hardship

2. Be Authentic

Build on the inherent and authentic strengths of teachers instead of focusing on their fears

3. Stay Holistic

Blend the academic, emotional, social, and safety needs into one holistic effort

Safe&Loved Transformation Principle #1

Think differently

No one who leaves the parking brake on mashes down the gas and tries to drive faster...

Without a doubt, schools are having some success at preventing violence, stopping school attacks, and making their day safer...but at what cost?

Everybody hates school safety...especially teachers!

Unfortunately, we do school safety like we’re driving with the parking brake on. Instead of taking it off we mash down on the gas as we continue to implement unhelpful safety protocols and schedule more dry, depressing, and scary staff developments that only make our teachers hate school safety even more!

A long time ago we accepted that it was okay to ruin a person's day if we're trying to save their life. The outcome justified the activity. It doesn't have to stay this way! We can save a person’s life and make them feel loved...we just have to think differently.

Join us in this transformation and we'll show you how to...
  • Establish a deeper meaning for school safety which will make it easier for your teachers to understand, enjoy, and support!
  • Create a paradigm shift away from seeing school safety as a hardship and instead as an opportunity to make your school better, brighter, and...safer.
  • Motivate and inspire your teachers, students, and parents to be excited about school safety!

    (We know that this seems unbelievable...but it can happen...it does happen. Don Shomette gets standing ovations from teachers after safety talks! Commit to this transformation and we'll show you how to do the same!)

  • And so much more!

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Safe&Loved Transformation Principle #2

Be Authentic

"I became a teacher to do a lockdown! I just love a good active shooter drill!"

-- Said no teacher...ever...

People don’t become teachers to do a lockdown, active shooter drill, or even to make a school safe. They become teachers to connect with kids and to make a real difference in the lives of students. This purpose is what sustains them through the many sacrifices that they must make as teachers. To give up on this identity means to give up on being a teacher…and that is why teachers find it so difficult to do school safety.

It’s not in harmony with who they are or who they want to be…

Safe&Loved changes that and gives teachers a way to help make their school safer but in a manner that still lets them be authentic! 

We don’t try to make them into someone they don’t want to be, we ask them to be authentic to who they are—a teacher! To love, support, encourage, and engage with their students…and…as they’re doing what they love we give them a way to seamlessly blend in 3 proven violence prevention strategies that will make the school safer.

Now, teachers have a way to play a more active role without diminishing their purpose!

Join us in this transformation and we'll show you how to...
  • Unlock the power of our teachers by showing them how to blend school safety into normal student engagements!
  • Improve the lives of teachers and students by reshaping the school day to encourage more natural and mutually beneficial engagements.
  • Utilize the E-SAT safety and engagement method to easily enrich every student engagement.
  • Double as well as perfect student engagements with the 5-10-15 Engagement Technique.
  • And so much more!

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Standing Ovations from Teachers!

Don Shomette is the ONLY violence prevention expert that gets standing ovations from teachers...after 3 hour safety talks!

“In my 22 years as a teacher I've never seen a guest speaker get a standing ovation!”

Teacher, CT

Call 540-577-7200 or email info@donshomette.com to schedule a teacher presentation!

Safe&Loved Transformation Principle #3

Stay Holistic

Blend the academic, emotional, social...and safety needs of your students and teachers into one holistic effort!

We’ve made a mistake by treating school safety as a standalone effort done by a few specialized people. This is not the best way to do it, especially when we need everyone to play an active role in preventing violence.

Besides, this is goes against the nature of schools which prefer and understand that combined efforts produce the greatest results! Separating school safety doesn't help but hurt us. Instead, do what we do best...stay holistic and treat school safety as an equal and necessary element to ensure your school’s success and the wellbeing of your community.

Join us in this transformation and we'll show you how to roll school safety together with the academic, emotional, and social needs of our students and teachers into one effective and holistic effort!

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Safe & Loved Tranformation:  Episode #4

The Great Recliner Debate and How This Behavior Fuels School Shooters

Posted 20 February 2020

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Main Point:

No one is justified to harm another person because that person harmed them first.

Walk Aways

Helpful phrases that are easy to remember as well as to apply!

  • Harm No One Help Everyone -- Augustine
  • Manners are humanity's WIFI and Kindess is the password (the K is capital).
  • No one can heal themselves by hurting someone else
  • If you want your children, students, staff, coworkers, family members to be connected to others in this life then give them the gift and example of manners wrapped in kindness.
  • Good manners may not solve everything but they will absolutely hurt nothing!

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