Today's Letter - 15 Jan 2021

-- A letter to one of my four boys who is a high school age student
Typed version

Dearest Son,

I don’t always praise your good deeds enough but I always see them. It makes me so very proud when you cheerfully volunteer to handle things or to do helpful things for the family, mom, or your siblings like putting up the Christmas lights all on your own because your siblings want them or feeding the birds in the freezing cold because it makes your mom happy or cleaning the kitchen so mom doesn’t have to or caring for the family while I’m away so I don’t have to worry. You make this world and our family better, happier, and you make life easier and more enjoyable. We all trust you and we know we can count on you and that helps this family in very real ways to move forward. You are extremely capable, smart, bright, and helpful!

I’m proud of you! You are my son and I love you!

(Author’s Note: If you notice, what I wrote does not match up to the Typed Version. That’s because after writing the letter I realized that the original line that I first wrote [There are times when you cheerfully volunteer to handle things…] may be accidently misconstrued by my son that I thought he only sometimes cheerfully volunteered…so I changed it to what’s in the type version, rewrote the letter, but forgot to take a picture before I sealed it and gave it to him. These things happen when writing letters and I think it's best to stay flexible, fix it, and cheerfully push on!)

If a prior Marine, combat veteran, prior police officer, a kid who failed highschool because he wouldn't write a 5 page paper, and a man who didn't tell his mom that he loved her until he was 36 could figure out how to write handwritten love letters...then so can you! You can do it!
Special Notes
  1. To learn more please watch this video!
  2. Each day I write a handwritten letter to my wife, one our children, or their spouses or soon to be spouses. That's a total of 13 people in the rotation!
  3. To respect their privacy I don't use their names when I post their letter online. I just share a little bit about them for context. Also, each person decides which letters to post or not to post--it's completely up to them.
  4. I use different stamps and seal each envelop with's super cool and the letter can even be mailed! In this video I detail some considerations when (if) you buy you're own stamps.
  5. Letters are marked with a (number) and the date so they can be easily referenced in the future.
  6. I post these letters to encourage others to do the same and to give some ideas of what to say. I hope it moves you to reward your loved ones with your own kind, thoughtful, and loving words.

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