If you’re running east looking for a sunset...

it doesn’t matter how committed, talented, intelligent, or dedicated that you are…you’re never going to reach your goal not because of a lack of passion, but because you have the wrong strategy.

Too many schools are running in the wrong direction when it comes to school safety. This isn’t a failure of ability but one of focus, planning, and application. Teachers, students, and parents have just suffered through several years of extreme fear, anxiety, and instability. Now more than ever it’s critical that schools get this right and adopt the right school safety strategy.

Safe & Loved is that strategy.

In fact, it’s the only school safety strategy that is holistic, inspiring, and balanced. Most school safety plans fail because they go too far one way or the other. Either heavy on safety with no regard for people or all regard for people and no concern for safety. Safe & Loved blends the two perfectly together so your teachers, students, and parents feel safe & loved!

If you think Safe & Loved would be perfect for your school, we'd love to help! We’ll visit your school, spend an entire day onsite starting in the morning and leaving after dismissal, and then we’ll create your school specific Safe & Loved Safety Plan that will enhance your strengths and reduce your weaknesses. After that we’ll help you implement the recommendations with personal coaching and support.

With Safe & Loved we’ll give you an easy to follow blueprint that will make your school safer, reduce vulnerability to school attacks, blend violence prevention techniques into the normal school day, enhance student engagements, improve school culture, strengthen credibility in school leadership, reduce anxiety, lower fear, and better prepare your teachers to be successful.

To schedule a Safe & Loved assessment, conference call, or to learn more call or text 540-577-7200 or email don@donshomette.com

"Don’s insight in developing relationships between students, staff and community is a unique perspective on violence prevention. Since his visit to our district, real change has occurred.

Staff is more visible, students are noticing and there is a real tangible feeling that our buildings are not only safer, but more welcoming and more supportive."

Assistant Principal

How it helps you!

Immediate Safety Goals & Outcomes:

  • 1. Teachers, students, and parents feel safe and loved.
  • 2. Enhanced physical safety and student and staff protection.
  • 3. Reduced vulnerability to hate crimes/mass shootings/mass murder.
  • 4. Decreased fear, anxiety, and susceptibility to violence.
  • 5. Improved violence prevention policies, procedures, and practices
  • 6. Effective and long-lasting safety initiatives.
  • 7. Lower incidents of unwanted behaviors.

Which will facilitate these additional outcomes:

  • 8. Happier teachers, students, and parents.
  • 9. More welcoming & engaging environment.
  • 10. Enhanced climate and culture.
  • 11. Higher levels of emotional, social, and academic success.
  • 12. Increased staff confidence, abilities, and skills.
  • 13. Better staff/volunteer initiative and engagement.
  • 14. Reduced liability.

A Safe & Loved Safety Plan will show you how to sweep away fear, anxiety, and the threat of violence so students and teachers can direct their efforts on classroom success instead of personal safety. By doing so students, teachers, and parents will achieve a richer experience and higher levels of personal growth when you help them feel Safe & Loved.

How it works

Step 1: We Visit Your School

  • 1. We'll spend 1 complete day onsite.
  • 2. Start in the dark (lighting survey) and leave after dismissal.
  • 3. Complete a comprehensive vulnerability assessment.
  • 5. Assess morning arrival, the school day, lunch, and dismissal.
  • 6. Observe interactions between adults and students.
  • 7. Identify strengths as well as areas for improvement.
  • 8. Assess current safety policies, procedures, and protocols.
  • 9. Provide a debriefing at the end of the day.

Step 2: We Create a Safe & Loved Plan

  • 1. Create a Safe & Loved Plan specific to your school.
  • 2. It's easy to understand and implement because it's written in plain language.
  • 3. The plan shows you how to make your school safe and your students,
  • teachers, and parents feel loved.
  • 4. The plan provides 5 easy to implement 1-page action plans.
  • 5. Each Action Plan covers a different segment of the school day 1) prior to student
  • arrival, 2) student arrival, 3) during the day, 4) lunch, and 5) dismissal).
  • 6. Actions Plans list recommendations from most to least important.

Step 3: We Provide Ongoing Support

  • To help your school successfully implement the recommendations in your Safe & Loved Safety Plan, school personnel will continue to have access to Don Shomette for as much time as needed via phone, email, and video coaching and consultation for no additional fee.

To learn more, please call or text 540-577-7200.

We'll show you how to reshape your school environment with CPTED

We utilize the internationally recognized and proven violence prevention strategy known as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED pronounced “Sep-ted”) of which Don Shomette is a national practitioner, instructor, and expert.

CPTED was created in the 1970’s during similar times of extreme community, racial, and civil unrest. CPTED was designed by social anthropologists so the average person could make themselves safer without relying only on the assistance of law enforcement. CPTED allows people to positively reshape their environment in simple unobtrusive ways that enhance their quality of life by pushing out unwanted behaviors such as crime, violence, and conflict.

CPTED has been warmly embraced by families, schools, businesses, communities, and organizations across the world and will be thoroughly applied in this project.

We'll make sure that through the recommendations in the Safe & Loved Safety Plan, personal coaching, and continued support that your school will be able to utilize and implement CPTED long after the project is completed!

A few examples from the Safe & Loved Plan

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Don Shomette

Creator of SAFE & LOVED

Don Shomette is a nationally recognized school violence prevention expert with a concentration in student safety assessments and is routinely interviewed by national news outlets concerning high-profile and extreme acts of school violence.
Don Shomette is different than any other safety expert because he treats people holistically. Those who attend his trainings and benefit from his coaching and consulting grow both professionally and personally. It is his mission to inspire and motivate those that he helps to not only grow more proficient in their work but also happier in their lives by seeing safety as something so much more than cameras and locks.
His approach, Safe & Loved, has been so well received by schools that he's the only violence prevention expert to get standing ovations from teachers!
Don Shomette has consulted for Mayors, superintendents, police chiefs, and key personnel in major cities with severe and chronic violence as well as wide-spread safety concerns. Don has advised, assisted, and created Safe & Loved Safety Plans for urban, rural, and suburban schools ranging in size from 8,000 students to over 65,000 students.
For nearly 30 years, Don has had the privilege of assisting thousands of teachers, principals, superintendents, parents, school resource officers and other difference makers to help students, families, and communities to be safe and feel loved.
Don is proud to say that thousands are using his techniques and materials and he is grateful that he has been able to make schools safer. His efforts have directly helped to prevent several school attacks.
Don learned a long time ago and has never wavered or strayed from the belief that people are not a problem to be solved but are the prize to be protected, nurtured, and loved. Technology is great, but people are better. People are the greatest asset, resource, and hope for a better tomorrow.
People are the prize!

To schedule Don for a Staff Professional Development, Safe & Loved Vulnerability Assessment, Keynote speaker, or to host a seminar please call or text 540-577-7200

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Project Fee

Have any questions? Call 540-577-7200

$6,875 for 1 school

Fee includes the following:

Onsite visit.
School specific Safe & Loved Safety Plan.
4 staff development programs/materials/worksheets.
Continued support from Don Shomette.

$4,875 for 2 or more schools

Fee includes the following:

Onsite visit.
School specific Safe & Loved Safety Plan.
4 staff development programs/materials/worksheets.
Continued support from Don Shomette.

Teacher and Staff Development!

Are you looking for a staff development for your teachers and staff? This can be in conjunction with your Safe & Loved Safety Plan or as a separate event.

$6,875 for three, four, or up to eight hours--you decide!
Equip your teachers and staff to utilize the Safe & Loved strategy in their classrooms, the halls, and during the school day.
This fee includes expenses, materials, and instruction.

Host an event and receive 3 free seats!

Hosting a class is super easy! All you have to do is to provide a classroom and help advertise via your established networks. We'll do the rest. We create the flyer, registration page, process registrations, and handle all payments.

There's no fee to host an event.
Minimum class size is 15 and max is whatever the room can comfortably hold.
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Additional Questions?

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