Michigan State University: Feb 13, 2023


A school attack occurred last night at Michigan State University. 

There have been 3 murdered and 5 wounded. The suspect was 43-years-old and had no known affiliation to the university. He apparently took his own life. 

I’d like to extend my prayers as well as deepest sympathy to the families of those who have lost a loved one and to the innocent lives broken by this terrible act of violence.

I’d also like to thank the police officers, EMS, and others who rushed to help the victims. Their fast and brave response appears to have saved lives.

Here’s a link to one news source:

Oxford High School suffered an attack on November 30, 2021. Four students were murdered and seven were injured. Oxford High School is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes from the university. While it has not been confirmed, it appears that some of the Oxford students who suffered through that attack now attend Michigan State.

Today is also the anniversary of Parkland.

As you can see, there are many people today who are suffering terribly. Therefore, consider doing the following as soon as possible:

  1. Make positive contact:
    Send an encouraging note to your students, parents, teachers and staff. Let them know that you are there for them and that you care. Encourage them to come forward with any concern or personal need—regardless of how minor it may seem!
  2. Be highly visible:
    For the remainder of the week and especially during the high traffic times, be highly visible. Walk the halls, be outside in the drop off and pick up zones, eat in the lunchroom, and visit classrooms. Regardless of your position inside the school, try to let the students, teachers, and parents know that you are there for them. Be relaxed but ready, approachable and highly visible!
  3. Stand up if you can:
    After every tragedy, there’s always one or two people who stand up and become leaders. They show extraordinary compassion and judgment and they make what would otherwise be unbearable, bearable. If you can do it, try to be one of those people. Take charge, stand up and give a little bit more. Never underestimate how much you’re needed or how much you can help!
  4. Lean on your team
    Every person in every school has an obligation to prevent violence. Remind your teachers and staff members to look and listen for any indicators of danger such as spontaneous utterances, drawings, texts, or obsessive behavior such as constantly wanting to discuss an attack or repeated questions that reveal a deep and morbid fascination with school shootings.

    Most likely there will be lots of people in the news and on social media talking about this attack, Parkland, and other school attacks. It’s probably going to spill over into the classrooms. Just ask the teachers to listen for indicators of concern.

  5. Nothing and no one is isolated:
    I once gave a class in Missouri and I talked about a major crime that occurred in Florida nearly thirty years earlier. When I finished the training, an SRO came up to me and told me that he had been there the day it happened. He was just a little boy at the time and had been one of the last people to see the victim alive.

    I know it doesn’t always feel this way…but the world is small. Much smaller than we think.

  6. There will be people in your school who will be deeply impacted by these tragedies either directly or indirectly. They may know someone who was present at one of these tragedies or they may know someone else who was lost to violence. They may have suffered a personal loss recently and these violent acts may trigger intense or negative emotions.

    Make counselors available and tell the teachers and staff members to be on the lookout for anyone (including teachers and staff members) who are showing signs that they are hurting.

If you have any questions or concerns or would just like to talk, please feel free to Call or email. I'm happy to help.

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