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The world is becoming harder, less civil, and more unsafe every day. Individuals and families are being forced to make hard decisions about their safety as well as being burdened with having to take extra precautions to protect themselves and those they love. Businesses that are not responding to this need and helping their clients to feel safer…are soon going to be losing those clients to companies that are taking positive steps to enhance their environments.

Too many companies are missing out on the benefits of making their clients safer because they’re worried that new safety policies may negatively impact their culture, reputation, and daily operations. This is a very real and very valid concern, especially if you’re using safety techniques that are not made for businesses.

We’re an inspirational and motivational company that makes people safer, stronger, and happier. We treat businesses and people holistically!

We show businesses how to blend proven violence prevention techniques into positiv engagements and then we help you to reshape your environment so your employees can increase, enhance, and perfect their interactions with clients. By doing this you’ll not only make clients safer, but your clients will also feel more valued and respected.

If you do this you’ll not only get more clients, but you’ll keep the ones you have as well as give them something to cheer about to their friends and family.

    How can we help?

  • Have a question or need help, call or text Don Shomette at 540-577-7200 or email
  • Available Services:

    • Online and in person safety talks, personal coaching, and onsite assessments
    • How to make client engagements better, safer, and more positive
    • Coaching that will you reshape your environment safeer make clients feel SAFE & LOVED
    • The skills, materials, and support to be able to lockdown your builiding in 7 seconds or less
    • How to quickly and accurately identify, assess, and intervene with employees who may be potentially dangerous
    • The right questions to ask potential employees to determine if they may be dangerous in the future
    • Protecting your company from civil and criminal liability when intervening with dangerous employees and clients
    • Keynote talks


Together let's change our day, our lives, and help others to be safer, happier, and more successful!

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Thank you so much, Don! I know the team really benefitted by this. So timely and relevant. I particularly loved the way you ended it. So you and so us!!

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We inspire schools to think differently about safey and help make teachers, students, and parents feel Safe and Loved!

Police Departments

We help police departments to give better services through consultation as well as basic and advance violence prevention trainings.

Individuals & Families

We help individuals and families to be safer, happier, and to grow stronger in the 7 Inner Strengths.


We show businesses how to use inspirational, warm, and inviting safety technques that will make their team safer and their clients feel valued.


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