Don Shomette is the only...

school safety expert to get standing ovations from teachers...after giving 3 hour safety presentations!

What makes us different... 

We show teachers how to make their school safer while remaining genuine to who they are and their noble profession. We create methods that allow teachers, students, and parents to feel safe and loved. We're not narrow in our focus. We know that school safety cannot be the only focus, but one of four concerns that must be addressed, enhanced, and considered if we want our students to be successful. We must meet the educational, emotional, social, and safety needs of each student (and teacher). Through our techniques, programs, seminars, professional developments, coaching, and consultation we show schools how to be safer, better, and happier by thinking differently, being genuine, and staying holistic.

No one else is doing what we do. While we’ve been doing this for nearly three decades, our approach is new, inspiring, and motivating. We make teachers feel good about doing school safety!

This is what teachers want and deserve!

    How can we help?

  • Have a question or need help, call or text Don Shomette at 540-577-7200 or email
  • Available Services:

    • Inspirational 3-hour teacher & staff safety talks
    • How to make your teachers, students, and parents feel SAFE & LOVED
    • The skills, materials, and support to be able to lockdown in 7 seconds
    • The ability to quickly & accurately determine if a student is truly a risk of attacking your school
    • Professional developments
    • School Vulnerability Assessments
    • Positive & people focused safety plans
    • Methods to increase, enhance positive teacher interactions with students that will make the school safer and the culture better!
    • Leadership development & personal coaching
    • 1 & 2 day comprehensive seminars and PD's
    • Keynote talks

Who we help...


We inspire schools to think differently about safey and help make teachers, students, and parents feel Safe and Loved!

Police Departments

We help police departments to give better services through consultation as well as basic and advance violence prevention trainings.

Individuals & Families

We help individuals and families to be safer, happier, and to grow stronger in the 7 Inner Strengths.


We show businesses how to use inspirational, warm, and inviting safety technques that will make their team safer and their clients feel valued.


Together let's change our day, our lives, and help others to be safer, happier, and more successful!

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