is the only philosophy, strategy, program, and blueprint for real change that is mutually beneficial for both communities and their families as it is for police officers and their families.
People Are The Prize is the answer to that most difficult question of…how do we move forward together?



In 1970, law enforcement shifted strategy away from community-based and towards response-based policing. Slowly over time this has evolved into a strategy of attrition or attempting to achieve success through arresting. Undeniably, this has made communities safer but the collateral damage always associated with this type of strategy is severe, unnecessary, and harms both the giver (police officers) and the receiver (communities).
Nothing is more critical or necessary for the wellbeing and success of both your communities and police officers than to shift away from treating an arrest as the prize to one where the People are the Prize.

We'll Help you to...

  • Present Letter of Proposal to community members for questions, comments, and if required by law, approval.
  • Adopt a People Are The Prize strategy department wide.
  • Implement a People Are The Prize strategy department wide.
  • Redesignate Patrol Officers as a Specialized Unit.

  • Patrol officers are dedicated to helping make our communities safer. They are truly special people who should be redesignated to what they really are...a specialized unit where they can receive specialized training, leadership, and care as well as recognition for their hardwork and sacrifice.

    There is no moving forward without patrol officers!


Every member of the police department will receive comprehensive training, support, and materials to enhance their understanding and ability to implement the People Are The Prize strategy.
Leaders will receive at least 3 days of advance leadership.
Patrol officers will receive training specific to their position and duties. This training will be online or in-person depending on the needs, size, and preference of individual police departments.
Designated officers will participate in intensive training to become  Community Resource Officers (CRO's). These officers will be experts in community policing and leading positive change!

We'll Help you to...

  • Prepare your critical leaders with advanced leadership techniques, materials, and support for implementing this strategy in your communities and police department.
  • Prepare patrol officers to successfully make the shift.
  • Create a highly trained group of Community Resource Officers (CRO) who will work directly with your communities as well as help lead your department through this change with their specialized knowledge and example.

    See exactly how a CRO will benefit your department and community.


CRO's working with their specific communities will begin creating and implementing Community Project Plans (CPP's) and leading their communities to be safer, stronger, and more connected.
Continued support is available as well as onsite coaching, creating CPP's, assessing outcomes, surveying participants, and problem-solving demanding challenges.

We'll Help you to...

  • Introduce People Are The Prize to your community with prepared media, community, and social media announcements
  • Present the goals, focus, and benefits of using People Are The Prize to your police officers and their families
  • Implement the included Action Plans for making and sustaining change
  • Problem solve demanding challenges
  • Identify, track, and assess your current successes and areas for improvement


Together let's change our day, our lives, and help others to be safer, happier, and more successful!

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