What’s happening to a person is never more important than what’s happening inside a person.

The 7 Inner Strengths is the product of four decades worth of research, personal observations, and intimate interactions with thousands of people in different and demanding professions, situations, and circumstances. We’ve watched how they’ve responded to outside pressures and have discovered that the single greatest indicator for success or failure isn’t what’s happening to them, but what’s happening inside them.

Those strong in 7 specific inner strengths were much more likely to be successful, lead happy, and more satisfied lives while those weak in these 7 inner strengths tend to be more broken, violent, and lead less fulfilled lives.

The 7 Inner Strengths are...

  • 1. Truth
  • 2. Balance
  • 3. Hope
  • 4. Growth
  • 5. Happiness
  • 6. Purpose
  • 7. Compassion

Those who better understand the TRUTH (right from wrong) are stronger in Balance (mental health), possess more HOPE, experience greater GROWTH, enjoy more HAPPINESS, have a higher PURPOSE, and therefore exhibit more COMPASSION.

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